Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 summer fancy food show report

I attended the 2010 fancy food show this past sunday and monday. I had a good time.

Highlights are:

Sara Snacker Cookies
I loved this company. As they say on their site "Nostalgia will fill your eyes while delicious cookies and treats fill your belly."

Flavors include: Chipn'etzel Chipn’etzel ™— The Original Potato Chip and Pretzel Cookie Vanilla Milkshake Cookie, and lemonade cookeis (with real lemonade inside)
Star D/Dairy.

Shiloh's sauces.
Shiloh is a restaurant in LA and is now bottling the sauces they use in their restaurant. Flavors include: Harissa, a haroset tapenade, mild flavor and spicy flavor, chimichurri, béarnaise, Caribbean, shilohs famous bar b que sauce and bottled in an exquisite bottle and jar. The bernaise was my favorite. I showed the packaging to someone on the bus to the train and they thought it looked great. No preservatives, no msg, no gmos, no trans fat, no articial colors or flavors and gluten free
OU kosher/Pareve

Harvest Song preserves.
I reported last year that they were going to be kosher under the OU. Now, their packaging is starting to reflect this fact. I tried their Wild Strawberry preserves. I generally do not like jams but this wild strawberry preserve was phenomenal. Some other flavors are: apricot (nasft gold winner 2006), peach, quince, tea rose petal, golden fig, fresh walnut and sour cherry (nasft gold winner 2007)
OU Kosher/Pareve

Baking mixes/baking products

Caffe D'Amore
new line of baking products like unsweetened chocolate powder, sweet ground chocolate powder, and gelato starters-vanilla and chocolate. Also decadent chocolate cupcake kit, mocha kiss kit and candy cane cocoa kit. all three ready to be gifted.
OU Kosher/Dairy

Cobblestone Kitchen
gourmet cupcake mixes like lemon poppyseed and chocolate caramel as well as gourmet scone mixes like cranberry, cranberry blueberry.

Iron Chef
Cake mixes, fondant

May Cookie Company.
3 baking mixes made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients. 3 flavors: oatmeal & cranberry (pareve), double chocolate chip oatmeal and rich and chewy chocoalte chocolate chip which is dairy free, egg free (but OUD)
OU Kosher

Peanut Butter & Co
They have 3 kosher pareve baking mixes: peanut butter cookies, peanut butter swirl brownies and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Ticings decorative edible icing sheets
These are decorative items that quickly add modern design features to cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. it’s as simple as peel and press! ticings dot-free, photographic quality art brings instant originality to your baked products, and the flavor of your frosting is the only thing you’ll taste.
OU kosher


Cobblestone Kitchen
drink mixes like martinis, daquiris, along with rim trims. They also have gourmet hot chocolate mixes

Fizzy Lizzy
Proud winner of 2007 sofi™ Silver medals for “Outstanding Product Line” and “Outstanding Cold Beverage” from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT).Flavors include: yakima grape, raspberry lemon, pomegranate, pineapple and tangerine.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Tamaya gourmet
From the people who sell the chilean carica comes chilean blueberry juice, blueberry raspberry juice
Certified kosher by Itzhack Shaked, Rabbi of the Jewish Orthodox Community of Chile


Jo's candies
Chocolate covered grahams, dark salt caramels, milk salt caramels
Kosher LA

Rogue Confections
Chocolate disks with beautiful patterns on each
Star D Kosher/Dairy

3 chocolate bars with salt. Dark chocolate w/natural sea salt, Dark chocolate w/natural sea saltand organic turbinado cane sugar and Dark chocolate w/natural sea salt and organic black pepper. The salt and black pepper was really interesting-it seems to be a new trend because I came across two other companies with this flavor (one was kosher) Organic too! The chocolate bar itself is not scored but has a beautiful picture.
OU Kosher Dairy

Taza Chocolate
This is chocolate that is stone ground by hand so it has a nibby taste. All products are OU kosher pareve. Flavors include: Cinnamon Chocolate Mexicano, vanilla bean chocolate mexicano, yerba mate Chocolate Mexicano, salt and pepper chocolate mexicano as well as chocolate bars with different cacao levels.
OU Kosher/Pareve

T'cho chocolate
I tried their two milk chocolates. One was fudgy and one was caramelly. Both were great. They also have chocolate at different cacao levels as well as a drinking chocolate.
Earth kosher/Dairy

FunniBonz products are designed and created following our exclusive “BBQ/365” philosophy. We believe that there are many ways to appreciate a good barbeque sauce aside from just cranking up the grill in the summertime! That’s why all FunniBonz products are designed to maintain their consistency whether cooked on a grill, heated on your stove, or used as a sauce in your oven. They are formulated to offer the most versatile flavors whether you are making ribs, chicken, fish, beef, or veggies. Although there are few guarantees in life, one thing is certain; you will never have better BONZ than those dressed by FunniBonz. And we promise that you’ll be back for more! No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Flavors: original,spicy, and fiery chipotle,
OU Kosher/Pareve

Gold Mine Organic
Raw organic cabbage with celtic sea salt. Delish
Kof K Kosher/Pareve

Hot Squeeze
They have added new flavors: sweet heat chipotle, and orange ginger zing
OU Kosher/Pareve

Santa Fe Original Chipotle Mayonnaise
New light chipotle infused mayonnaise.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Woeber Mustard Mayo gourmet.
Several flavors: kickin Buffalo, roasted chipotle, dill, and toasted garlic. Yum.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Ginger People
This is a company that has been around for 25 years and some of their products are kosher. OU products include beverages like ginger soother and ginger 'gizer. Other products certified by Kosher certification service of Hong Kong: sttem ginger in syrup, ginger spread. many items are also gluten free.

Baked goods-Cakes,Cookies/crackers
Daelia's Biscuits for cheese
Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese were inspired by their love of cheese and their pursuit of a good cheese companion. All products are made from fresh natural ingredients and are baked to order. Almond and hazelnut and fig flavors
OU Kosher/Pareve

New cookie flavor - Double Chocolate Brownie Bites. This was the winner of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) contest

Madelines and cutie cakes-little white or chocolate cakes with icing.
Kosher LA/Dairy

Dr. Lucy's Cookies
gluten-free cookies are made without milk, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. Flavors: Chocolate chip, sugar, cinnamon thin and oatmeal
Now Star K/Pareve

Glow cookies
All natural gluten free cookies. Flavors: gingersnap, double ckocolate, snickerdoodle and chocolate chip
OU Kosher/Pareve

RW Garcia
5 seed gluten free corn crackers with flavors like onion and chive, tellicherry cracked pepper and rosemary and garlic
OU Kosher /Dairy
Taste Sunny meadows Cookies
Gluten Free. Flavors like chocolate chunk with: cranberries, raisins, almonds, pecans.
OU Kosher/Pareve


Hnz Honey
Infused honeys from New Zealand. Manuka honey with raspberry, apricot, cinnamon, blueberry and others
Kiwi Australia Kosher/Pareve

Tea Forte has a delicious star thistle honey.
Heart K (keillah kashrus)/Pareve

Root cellar preserves.
Canning and pickling have been an American tradition since homesteaders arrived in the new world. Today, preserving fruits and vegetables has become a lost art. Root Cellar Preserves now offers a variety of delicious pickled products once commonplace, but now hard to find. Root Cellar Preserves honors the tradition of wholesome foods made with integrity and craftsmanship. We select produce and pickled products from small family producers who carry on the tradition of pickling with only the finest brines and spices, using traditional pickling processes to make the best tasting products available. Root Cellar Preserves is committed to the preservation of early American homesteads. Many of these buildings, which represent the historical foundation of our country are giving way to disrepair, neglect and rural development. Root Cellar Preserves has established a fund from its proceeds to support local community efforts to preserve these homesteads for future generations.

Most products are kosher certified and include: sweet bread and butter pickle chips. sweet apple cinnamon pickles and spicy dill pickle mix
OU Kosher/Pareve

House of Autry
Choice of Southern Cooks since 1812. Items include: corn meal, seafood breader and hush puppy mixes
Most Star-D/Dairy

Magic Crumbs
Magic Crumbs come in flavors ranging from Smokey BBQ to Pommerey Mustard to Cajun to Toasted Coconut. They come in attractive packaging
OU Kosher/Pareve


Potato and Tortilla chips
Chip Flavors: parmesan peppercorn, spicy rio habanero (kof-k dairy).
Tortilla chip flavors: squeeze of lime, black bean and cheese (OU-D)
Oatmeal Squares
chocolate chip, banana walnut, cranberry flax, peanut butter and chocolate brownie and almonds (kofk-Dairy)

Jody's Gourmet Popcorn
Jody's Gourmet Popcorn is created with only the finest, freshest, quality ingredients including luscious caramel, rich chocolate, savory cheeses, and Virginia peanuts to guarantee the most delicious popcorn flavors. Flavors include: Double Cheddar, Recipe 53 Caramel Corn, Cheesy Ranch,Funfetti with Caramel. Comes in many forms of packaging.
OU Kosher/Dairy

yummy popcorn with flavors like white cheddar, smoked gouda, asiago and cracked pepper and romano and pesto

Popped potatoes, never fried or baked. Flavors: bbq, sour cream and onion and salt and pepper.

yummy snacks with flavors like mac 'n cheese puffs, pizza puffs and baked fries with flavors like parmesan garlic and ketchup (really tastes ketchupy)

Merrill J. Fernando set out in the 1950s to offer tea drinkers the finest tea on earth. Whilst doing so, he desired to make his a genuinely ethical brand. It took nearly four decades for Merrill to fulfill his mission, but in 1988 he launched his family tea - Dilmah - the first producer owned tea brand in the world, handpicked, perfected and packed at source and shipped within days to tea drinkers around the world.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Honest Tea
New Lemonade tea. My daughter tried it and said yum.
OU kosher/Pareve

New Leaf
Maker of bottled ice teas with varieties of white teas, green teas, blue tea and black tea.

For thousands of years communities throughout the Amazon have cultivated the guayusa leaf for a natural, delicious source of energy and nutrition. Treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids guayusa continues to be the center of morning rituals throughout the Amazon. Every harvest, local farmers hand-pick guayusa leaves from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Sip slowly and enjoy as you awaken your mind and fortify your body with Runa.

Silence tea
The perfect union between all natural ingredients and Chakra philosophy, yoga practice, and holistic healing, Silence Tea transcends the basic tea to promote a balanced, calm, and relaxed existence. Journey into a state of bliss with these all natural, refreshing, healthy premium brews of the finest tea leaves in the world. Transcend into the realm of calm with centuries-old chamomile and natural relaxation ingredient L-theanine. We invite you to open the gates to higher consciousness and discover the benefits of living a more wholesome and healthier life by awakening and activating your body's Chakra system with this revolutionary relaxation tea beverage. The Chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. These energy centers balance, store, and distribute energies of life throughout our physical and spiritual body. When all seven Chakras are active and functioning optimally, we experience an overall healthy mind, body, and spirit. Silence Tea has been specially formulated to awaken and activate your body's Chakra system and truly experience the essence of inner peace, harmony, and zen balance. Whether your journey includes yoga, transcendence, or holistic healing, escape to a state of meditative tranquility and experience a peaceful sanctuary within the realm of Silence Tea.
productsbuy onlinemore images (16)contact form Lemon Serenity- Balance Your Inner Power Chakra (Black Tea With Lemon)
OU kosher/Dairy
Tea Forte
Beautifully packaged teas. Many flavors Kof-K pareve.


flavored salmon with flavors like lemon and pepper, lemon and cracked pepper, spicy chilly chipotle and cajun spice.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Wild Planet
Wild Planet is committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems.
OU Kosher/Pareve

Soon to be kosher
Giambri's quality sweets
Chocolate covered pretzels with m&ms, nonpareils as well as chocolate covered belgian waffles

Julia Baker Confections.
Julia Baker Confections' signature chocolate recipes include truffles and hand-cut artisan chocolates, ranging in flavors from dark ganache to passion fruit. Each piece is handmade, prepared with meticulous care and great attention to detail, making for a superior chocolate experience.
Will be kosher under Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth

Julian's waffles
They are authentic Liège-style Belgian waffles made with all natural ingredients. Regularly consumed hot or at room temperature, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack, with toppings or alone in the streets of Belgium.

Marcy's Croutons
They are planning on being kosher once again soon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

kosher dashi will be sold at Koshergourmetmart.com

Koshergourmetmart.com is pleased to announce it will soon sell kosher dashi. Link to follow once it is available


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop50 have teamed up to bring you a "Spring Renewal" blogging program, asking for the "10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You."

here is my list of 10 items that have lead to a Happier, Healthier me

1. Saying I love you to my kids and husband-it never hurts to say I love you and to let others know how you feel about them
2. Giving hugs and kisses to my kids even if it is only before bed
3. Uninterrupted time with the family-no checking emails or doing work related projects on the computer.
4. Being happy with what one has and not envying what others have. This is a hard one but is very rewarding if one can do that
5. Snuggling with kids while reading a book with them. It makes me feel close to them and creates memories that will last a lifetime and create an enjoyment of reading
6. Praying to G-d every morning. It is a chance to meditate and connect with the power who controls everything;it is a chance to realize you are not in control and to let go.
7. Rewarding myself with bowl of gelato - less fat than ice cream but lots of flavor!
8. Saving $ at the supermarket with coupons. I have just started clipping coupons and have found I have started saving lots of money at the store. Just last week I got a free mustard that my supermarket paid me to buy it!
9. Inviting guests to come for lunch on the weekend-cooking for others gives me the chance to entertain, experiment with new recipes and a chance to socialize with others
10. Never basing life on expectations. I believe happiness is based on expectations. If one expects something and it does not happen, one will be unhappy, so if ones does not have expectations one will not be disapointed.

These 10 things have helped me, what things have helped you?

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop50 blogging program to be eligible to win 6 free Juicy Rewards points and a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click on


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More About Trop50 and Juicy Rewards:

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Trop50 Little Things for Happy, Healthy Living
1000 Little Things for Moms from Trop50

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

mishloach manot themes

making mishloach manot is fun. coming up with a theme can make it more fun.

Koshergourmetmart.com has come up with many themes like sports, olympics, antioxidents, spicy, sweet and salty, sun, beach, and things that were not kosher and are now.

Contact us at alyssa@koshergourmetmart.com for more information.

Discounts for shuls mishloach manot

Are you a shul, school, or charitable organization like Amit? Koshergourmetmart.com gives generous discounts to organizations like yours! Contact us at alyssa@koshergourmetmart.com.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Exclusive scoop: Ciao bella-nearly all products will be certified kosher

Exclusive scoop: got the following information from ciao bella--"All of our gelato and sorbet pints will be certified under Star-D or Star-K with the exception of Green Tea, Espresso, and Maple Ginger Snap. You should start to see the new packaging on shelves in March!"

This follows my conversation with Ciao Bella at the Fancy Food Show this past summer in NY. It also means that I can finally try all their flavors not just their top rated sorbets at the show this summer

Friday, October 30, 2009

french recipe

#frenchs 8 cp h20,1 pkg fro spnach, 8 tsp bouillon, ck 30min, mix egg and parm cheese, stir in soup should look eggdrop, french onion on top
TwitterMoms and French's 140-character Twitter Recipe Contest
Check out French's Cook-off 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kosherfest 2009 find

Slow Cooker Gourmet is a great product for busy people!

Ten delicious everyday dinner kits designed for busy homemakers who value quality, convenience, good health, and great taste!

•5-10 Minutes to Prepare a Fresh Dinner
•Salt Free, All Natural Spice Blends, No MSG
•Vegetarian Options on Six of the Ten
•Each Dinner Serves 6 to 7
•Wheat Free

Great for Shabbat lunches as well as dinner during the week